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Eye in the sky : Truth is the casualty

Film review of Eye in the sky. Film about how war affects our lives and those directly involved. Gives a lot to think about.

There are three sides to a war. The one that goes on behind the closed doors, the one that takes place on the ground, and the one that we get to read about. We all know the last one is the most untrue version of a war. This is how the film opens. With a quote:

In war TRUTH is the first casualty. The film depicts almost every aspect of a war. It isn't a literal war going on but yeah it's about the silent kind that is being fought every minute while people have learned to live around it. The story revolves around number 5 and 6 on UK's most wanted list and their capture by the British army. They are located in Nairobi, Kenya. The fighter drones, particularly named Reaper are keeping a close eye on the arrival and the activities of the targets. Through a very careful remote surveillance and on the ground intel, the personnel realize that they are planning a suicide attack within few hours. lieutenant Steve Watts stationed on ground flying the drones is the one given the responsibility to bomb the targets out. The film depicts the entire episode starting from the marking of targets to the point they are engaged and even what happens after it. The most important part is that we do get to have an idea about how an operation isn't just a military activity. The switch of the bomb might be in the hands of a military officer but ever since he is stationed on to that seat of his to the point he locks the targets, there is a whole lot of process going on. It includes everyone from top to bottom and honestly, no one wishes to remain credible. The film isn't the usual belonging to the genre of war films. Hardly will you get to see bullets being fired or blood being spilled. Yet you tend to find yourself on the edge of your seat. Helen Mirren is that ruthless, focused, and strong willed Colonel who is hell bent on achieving what she has set out for. You feel both pleased and sad at the same time when there is late Alan Rickman on screen. I personally felt great to have watched his last act. The only issue with Aaron Paul is that he never screams "Science Bitch!" in the entire film. Aaron was amazing playing the role of a young pilot with the human element still intact within him. It's a pleasant surprise to see Oscar nominee for Captain Phillips Barkhad Abdi play a major role of an undercover in the film. 123 Directed by Oscar-winning Gavin Hood, the film brilliantly binds the film and lets you engage. You will never, for once, get a chance to check out your mobile notifications. The film leaves us with a lot to think and ponder upon. It actually ends up breaking your heart when Rickman playing military General makes it very clear to a defense analyst -

"Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of a war!"